I.C.U. Care At Home Jaipur


I.C.U. Care At Home Service

Our I.C.U. Care At Home Service are driven by a Imax Home Care Service team comprising an ICU Nurses, Respiratory Therapist, Physiotherapist, Doctors And Other. They are extremely competent in handling chronically ill patients, who need continuous close monitoring and nursing care and employing high-end medical equipment.

Imax Home Care Service provides complete setup of I.C.U. Care At Home Service to the needs of a patient. As the patient’s health condition improves, treatment including regular monitoring. For optimal treatment results, specialised services that can help a patient recuperate are included in Recovery.

We knows that Patients in intensive care needed emotional support. That’s why we bring your loved ones closer to you, With the capacity to provide ICU facilities and expert care, Health Care to ensures professional and hospital-like treatment at the comfort at your Home. Our care team is proficient in ICU, Basic Life Support (BLS) and situation handling to deliver the best of care to the patients.

Why I.C.U. Care At Home?

  • Cost effective : The average cost of an ICU per day can fall anywhere between Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000 whereas in comparison, a fully functional ICU setup at home will cost you around 10,000 to 15,000 per day. The difference in cost is huge.
  • Personalized Care : In a hospital, a nurse attends to 3-4 patients at a time whereas if there’s an ICU Care at Home, you will get a critical care nurse at home, who’ll only be devoted to the patient 24/7.
  • Great Satisfaction : In a hospital ICU, you get to meet your loved one only once or twice a day, whereas at home, you can be near them all the time to personally monitor their caretaking.
  • Home environment : It has been observed that patients tend to recover faster in the comforts of their home camparitabily in Hospital
  • Doctor supervision : Just like a hospital ICU, our nurses are in continuously touch with the doctors at Imax Home Care to provide quality care to the patient.

Why Choose Imax Home Care Service For I.C.U. Care At Home Service?

  • Cost effective setup with technologically advanced modern equipment.
  • Our Team of trained professionals with a proven track record of treating critically ill patients at home.
  • All equipment undergo thorough quality checks and sufficient inventory of equipment for backup in Imax Home Care Service office.
  • Experienced I.C.U. care nurses to take care of the patient at all time at home. Patients recover faster in the comfort of their home.
  • Nurses are constantly in touch with the doctors in Imax Home Care Service for supervision and Care Taking.